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Platform: Mobile
Engine: Unity C#
Role: Sound Designer

Platform: Windows
Engine: Unity C#
Role: Independent Developer


Platform: Windows
Engine: Construct 2
Role: Independent Developer


Here you can find some of my best work with film score and trailers.

Music Notes

About Me

Hello, my name is Evan De St Jeor and I am a video game sound designer. I have worked on many projects over the course of my college career as both a sound designer and a game designer. I am a graduate from Indiana University and received a B.S. in Game Design and a Minor in Music Scoring for Visual Media. 

With my time at IU, I have honed my skills as a sound designer and soon began to fall in love with learning about music and sound in games. I am a people person and have had the privilege of learning in such a team-heavy environment. In my off time, I enjoy playing my guitar, creating music, and playing video games. 

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